Review: Trouble in Tampa by Nicole Williams

18957016Trouble in Tampa (Great Exploitations #3)
Nicole Williams
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 10th 2013
Format: eBook
Purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles

When it comes to trouble, Eve’s used to showing plenty of it to her Targets, but when she’s assigned a new Errand, the roles become reversed. Rob Tucker is the kind of man who raises every red flag in a woman. He reminds Eve that some Clients aren’t just looking for freedom from their husbands—they’re trying to save their lives. She’s worked domestic violence Errands before, but this one’s . . . different.

When a seemingly quick and simple job turns into the complete opposite, Eve finds herself juggling two of the most difficult Errands of her career.

How far will she go to see both through to completion?

**FYI: you HAVE to read the first two books, Mischief in Miami and Scandal in Seattle, to understand what’s going on, or else you’ll be completely lost. **

**Also, there are some SPOILERS ahead**

Each book in this series so far has been about 100 pages, give or take–which is completely  frustrating!!! I’ve always liked Nicole Williams’s writing, but most of her books have been NA. Don’t get me wrong, I love NA, but when I read the synopsis to Mischief in Miami, I knew I’d absolutely love this mini-series. And I haven’t been disappointed since. After all, who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned revenge story?

Trouble in Tampa picks up where the second book left off, with Eve trying to find a position inside Henry’s company. So far, what we’ve seen of Eve has been this strong, independent woman with deadly looks and an even more deadly smile. She knows every trick in the book there is; so much so, that men are putty in her hand. Her job is to leave men salivating for more in order for their wives to catch them in the act, and she does a great job of it. Her current and most important job, though, he’s a bit trickier. They have a past and Henry’s not trying anything with Eve. The more I read about him, the more I’m falling in love with him. The Henry we’ve encountered so far doesn’t sound anything like a cheater, so I’m dying to know what actually happened between the two. We’ve gotten the main gist of it, but not much more. SO, NICOLE WILLIAMS, WILL YOU PLEASE GIVE ME MORE??????

Just like before, Eve schedules an Errand on the side. This one, Tucker, is truly the most disgusting piece of shit I’ve ever read–and I’ve read some despicable characters. He’s completely ruthless. He beats his wife for no apparent reason, other than to show dominance and integrate fear, and he has absolutely no regard for women. While Eve believes she can handle him, Tucker ends up being way more dangerous than she had originally thought.

There is still A LOT that’s going to happen and I’m just DYING to read more, more, more! One thing’s for sure, though, I’m LOVING by this mini-series!!

5/5 Stars



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