Why I love… Books-a-Million


The other day I was online and decided to check out books on Amazon. I love Amazon. The books are cheaper and I get them in two days. What’s not to love. But ever since I discovered a Books-a-Million in Florida a couple of years ago, I’ve been in LOVE with them!! Barnes & Nobles stopped putting up bargain YA books and I got so mad! Most of the ones they had on sale were already residents in my bookshelf or I’d already read them, but I still liked having the option to browse B&N bargain books. But that’s no more. Back to BAM! Their bargain section is soo good! They have such great, recent selections. A couple of days ago I was browsing their online bargain selections and I found these gems! I got all these books for $40! Granted, in order to get free shipping I had to buy a membership for $25, but it’s worth it! I have a Books-a-Million in Baton Rouge and I’m there for school, so you know I’ll be scouting their shelves!

Yesterday, I got an email from BAM! so I’ll be checking out their bargain books again!


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