Battle of the Book Boyfriends!


From science geeks & serial killers to warlocks & rockstars, no matter your flavor, Kelly Oram has a fictional boyfriend for you! Make the most of this holiday of love and cuddle up with a boy who’s sure to make you swoon, will never talk back, and will never ever break your heart!

Now, I’ve read practically all of Oram’s books and her guys? They each have their own quirks and characteristics and mimics that just make you fall in love with them. So when I heard Kelly was having a Book Boyfriend Battle I knew I’d be participating. And while I love them all, there are two that I just couldn’t get my mind off. First up is Ryan!


perf5.250x8.000.inddBeing Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #1)
Kelly Oram
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-fi
Purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles

“Most superhero stories start with a meteor shower or a nasty insect bite, but mine actually starts with a kiss…”

An accident that should end in tragedy instead gives seventeen-year-old Jamie Baker a slew of uncontrollable superhuman abilities.

To keep her secret safe Jamie socially exiles herself, earning the title of Rocklin High’s resident ice queen. But during a supercharged encounter with star quarterback Ryan Miller she literally kisses anonymity goodbye. Now the annoyingly irresistible Ryan will stop at nothing to melt the heart of the ice queen and find out what makes her so special.

Unfortunately, Ryan is not the only person on to her secret. Will Jamie learn to contain her unstable powers before being discovered by the media or turned into a government lab rat?

More importantly, can she throw Ryan Miller off her trail before falling in love with him?


Ryan Miller appears in the Jamie Baker series and my gosh he’s adorable! Blonde, blue-eyed football player, Ryan Miller is much more than your typical stereotype! Honestly, I loved all the scenes with Ryan in them. He has a way of making you laugh with just a sheepish look and a few bat of his eyelashes (I kid you not!). Once again, it’s adorable. Not only that but he’s amazingly sweet and understanding and everything and now I’m just gushing.

Don’t believe me? Well here’s just a teaser of Jamie and Ryan’s first kiss–in Ryan’s POV! I know I’m giving you guys the best part but make sure to read the whole scene on Kelly’s website here!

I held my breath while I waited for her to respond. She sighed, the smallest sigh that I couldn’t decipher, and finally turned to face me. My breath caught in my lungs as I met her brilliant gaze. She’d caught me staring at her once or twice before, but we’d never made eye contact like this. Especially not so close that I could see exactly how vibrant the color was, or how full of expression they were.

I swallowed hard and gave her what I hoped was my most charming, adorable, heartbreaking—and every other convincing adjective I could think of—smile. “I’ll owe you.”

She raked her eyes over me, checking me out without a shred of shame, kicking my hormones up to the point where I thought if she didn’t kiss me right now, I’d start stalking her until she did. So, so, so, so hot.

“Fine,” she said suddenly. “Knock yourself out.”

I was sure I hadn’t heard correctly because it sounded like Jamie Baker, the girl known to all Rocklin High as the Ice Queen, just gave me permission to kiss her in order to win a bet. That was simply not possible.

I stared at her openmouthed like an utter moron while she sat there patiently waiting for me to invade her personal space. I started to lean in and then frowned as I remembered Mike’s condition. She had to kiss me.

“Actually,” I said, praying this bit of news wouldn’t change her mind. “You have to kiss me or it doesn’t count.”

She stared at me a minute, processing this request, and then raised a brow at me.

My composure finally cracked. “You don’t have to pretend to like it,” I said quickly. “Please?” I wanted to kick myself when it came out sounding like a plea.

She tortured me a minute longer with her unreadable expression and glanced behind me toward Mike. Who knew what she saw back there. I couldn’t look. I didn’t want to know what the guys were thinking at this point.

Just when I was sure she was going to finally tell me to get lost she leaned forward and met my lips.

I’m not sure what shocked me more; the fact that she actually went along with this crazy scheme, or the fact that she didn’t just kiss me, but attacked me as if she wanted to devour me completely. For that first split second her touch was light, but then she threw herself into the kiss so forcefully I nearly fell out of my chair.

I gasped in surprise, which only caused her to up the kiss to French status. That’s when my surprise dissolved and, I managed to start kissing back.

I’d never been kissed like this in all my life. It was charged so full of energy that I swear to you there were actual physical sparks. No, not sparks, freaking fireworks. There was a magnetism pulling us together so strongly that we lost control. I grabbed her face in both my hands and then raked my fingers through her hair exactly the way I’d fantasized about doing a million times.

The next thing I knew Jamie was in my lap wrapping her arms around my neck as if she planned on keeping me hostage for eternity. If that were the case, bring on the shackles babe, because no way was I going to be the one to end this epic kiss.

I felt like I was on fire—like warm energy was spilling out of Jamie, washing over me and causing all my hair to stand on end. I started shaking—just a slight tremor in my hands at first, but it quickly progressed to violent, uncontrollable shivers. The energy was filling my body so full I thought I’d literally burst apart at my seams.

Soooo? Am I right or am I right? That’s just hot. H-O-T-T hott! If that doesn’t convince you, then I don’t know what will. I loved reading Jamie and Ryan’s first kiss in Being Jamie Baker but reading it in his POV?? Well, he trumps Jamie. Sorry, Jamie!

I did some recon about who would be the perfect Ryan and I came across this guy. Now, he’s not blonde, but something about his slightly boyish looks just screamed Ryan to me. Check him out! (and please feel free to drool!)


So what do you think? Am I right or am I right?

Now onto our next Book Boyfriend candidate! As much as I love Ryan, there’s another Kelly Oram boy that had my heart fluttering in a different beat… and it’s Kyle! (See what I did there? Because Kyle’s a musician, so beat… Get it? No? Okay never mind)


perf5.250x8.000.inddV is for Virgin
Kelly Oram
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Nobles

When Val Jensen gets dumped for her decision to stay a virgin until marriage, the nasty breakup goes viral on YouTube, making her the latest internet sensation.

After days of ridicule from her peers, Val starts a school-wide campaign to rally support for her cause. She meant to make a statement, but she never dreamed the entire nation would get caught up in the controversy.

As if becoming nationally recognized as “Virgin Val” isn’t enough, Val’s already hectic life starts to spin wildly out of control when bad boy Kyle Hamilton, lead singer for the hit rock band Tralse, decides to take her abstinence as a personal challenge.

How can a girl stay true to herself when this year’s Sexiest Man Alive is doing everything in his power to win her over?


Kyle Hamilton is a tall, dark haired, green-eyed hunk of a bad boy rock star. He’s arrogant, charming, passionate and sexy all at once. Just like Val, there are times when I just wanted to kick the crap out of him, but there were also scenes were I was left a fluttering mess!

Here’s a particular scene–“The Challenge”–that just speaks volumes!

Kyle’s eyes dropped briefly to the V hanging from my neck and his frown melted into a cocky smile. “I can’t resist a good challenge.”

That’s what I thought. “Well, I’m afraid you have a problem then, Kyle.”

“What’s that?”

“I never back down from a challenge either.” I pointed to the jeans I was wearing. “This is one pair of pants you’ll never get into.”

“Ah, but you still have a whole closet full of others, and at least one very sexy skirt, don’t you?”

“None of which you’ll ever get your hands on either.”

Kyle crossed his arms over his chest, studying me with a gleam in his eyes. “So that’s how this is going to go?”

I matched his posture and then threw his own words back at him. “Looks that way, doesn’t it?”

Kyle stared me down a minute longer and then stalked toward me with a predatory smile. Watching him slowly come at me was like being trapped in one of those nature shows on the Discovery Channel. My pulse pounded in my chest with every step he took, and I felt myself backing up until I hit the wall.

Suddenly we were standing toe to toe. His body took up so much space around me it was hard to breathe. I could feel his heat and we weren’t even touching. What had just happened?

Kyle saw the overwhelmed look in my eyes and smirked. He brought his mouth down to mine and brushed my lips with a touch so feather-light that I gasped.

My body reacted before my head could. I drifted into him as if he was somehow my new center of gravity. My eyes fluttered shut, and I waited for a kiss that never came. His lips were there, brushing back and forth over mine, teasing me cruelly until I ached with a desire so intense I started to shake.

Kyle chuckled darkly. “You’re in over your head with me, Virgin Val.

Ummmm yes yes yes yes yes!! Phewww! I might actually be blushing and I seriously have a shit-eating grin on my face, you guys. I’ve got a good idea on who’s going to win the Book Boyfriend Battle–but I still want a short story–anything really–about Kyle and Valerie and what happens after that God-forsaken epilogue!

Now, I was looking at pictures of guys and I stumbled upend this one and I don’t know but I can just picture him as Kyle. That sexy rugged look with the tattoos? Yeah I can see it–especially four years later, as he appears in the epilogue. So without further ado!


What do you think??? Yes? No? Maybe? Leave me a comment!


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Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen–a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which family and friends still tease her. She’s obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and loves to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and four children.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads


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